Get the Facts. Spread the Word. Share.

All the resources you need to ‘do one thing for autism’ are here – social posts, posters, communications packs and more. Explore, get informed, share and create better understanding of autism.

This is the place to get active for autism. Dig into our library of assets – we’ve got compelling research, downloads, uploads, information, print and digital assets, all to help spread the ‘one thing for autism’ word.

Write articles about autism. Share facts to bust myths. Put posters up at work, school, your sports club or the local shopping centre. Post images and graphics on social media. Share what you did for autism. Post about why you did one thing for autism. Encourage your friends, colleagues and family to join in.

Do one thing for autism… or do more – one thing can change everything.


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Communications Pack

Find out how much you know about autism and work with our quick quiz.

Looking for news stories. Information on autism. Are you a journalist? In HR? Looking for stories with social impact? Do you edit a newsletter?

Our communications pack has thought starters, ideas, statistics and content for news stories, blogs, website content, email newsletters and social posts, ready for you to use and distribute to your communication channels of choice.


The Comms Pack >

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Research Reports

Amaze’s groundbreaking research is the first research study of its kind undertaken in Australia.

We’ve looked at autism from both sides – autism and non-autism communities – and the results are revealing and compelling.

Discover what Australians know, think and feel about key autism issues in these compelling research reports.


Research Report PDF >
Education Report PDF>
Employment Report PDF>

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Fast Facts

Get all the information you need to know with our series of Fast Facts downloads.

These handy visual guides have all of the key statistics from the research report in an easy-to-read format.

Download and keep them for your reference, and share them with others to help build autism understanding.



Fast Facts PDF >
Employment Fast Facts PDF>

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Open the autism conversation at your workplace, sports club, school, local shopping centre – anywhere you think people could get a better understanding of autism.

Print them out, put them on noticeboards, email them, post them to your socials, put them on your website – we don’t mind just so long as it helps spread the word about doing one thing for autism!

Poster 1 >
Poster 2 >
Poster 3 >
Poster 4 >

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Social Media Assets

Spread the social word. Here are some graphics you can post straight up onto social media.

Facebook them, instagram them, email them, whatever your virtual social media of choice these tidy fact posts will work a treat to get the understanding out there into the world. Get downloading and uploading now.

Social Media Post 1 >
Social Media Post 2 >
Social Media Post 3 >
Social Media Post 4 >
Social Media Post 5 >
Social Media Post 6 >
Social Media Post 7 >
Social Media Post 8 >
Social Media Post 9 >
Social Media Post 10 >
Social Media Post 11 >
Social Media Post 12 >

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Newsletter asset

Use this banner in emails, newsletters, on your website – in your socials.

Link it to the website and encourage, friends, family, colleagues to get a better understanding of autism.

Download the banner >

5 ways to share ‘Do One Thing for Autism’

1. Let’s get social

Update your profile pic here and let your network know what you’re up to.
If you want to use the frame on other platforms get it here.

2. Write a post

Share what you’re doing for autism with the world and get your friends to join in.
Check here for all the ‘one things’ you can commit to.

3. Share the ‘One Thing’ Quiz

On Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn however you do social it’s a great way to improve understanding of autism.
Share it on Facebook now or access the quiz here.

4. Get creative with the communications pack

Get all the info you need to write an article, post, blog, insta-story or more – let your imagination run wild with our communications info pack.
Click here to access the communications pack.

5. Message the Amaze page

Send a message to Amaze on facebook! Type ‘do one thing for autism’ and you’ll get a random ‘one thing’ to do. There are eight in all – give it a go and see what you get to do!
Message the page here now!

Why are we running this campaign?


To bridge the gap between the autistic community and the wider community, and, in turn, create a better understanding of autism. Our ground breaking research has found that while 98% of Australians have heard of autism, only 29% think they know how to support an autistic person. We want to bridge that gap so we created the One Thing For Autism campaign to focus on building understanding of autism and start the bridge building.

Interested to see the research? Click here >

And one last thing – you’re awesome, thanks for your support and commitment to improving the lives of autistic people!